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Don’t Let Cyber Security Get Lost in the Deluge

Posted by WindTalker, Inc.

Today’s General Counsel recently commented on tech-security writer Jason Kichen’s article published in, “Want to Weed Out Anomalies? Use an Adversary Mindset,” raising awareness for General Counsel of the cybersecurity phenomenon known as “anomaly deluge.”

Just what is “Anomaly deluge”? Defined as a scenario where so many anomalies are being detected in a network’s sensitive security system (that constantly filters for normal verses abnormal) that the cyber team is swamped with so many false alerts as to cause “alert fatigue.” In the old days, we called it by the parable, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” Remember that?

Jason suggests that adopting an adversary’s mindset is the proper approach to take when trying to distinguish potentially malicious anomalies from policy issues, IT matters, and normal dynamic changes in the network that look different. But because the job is overwhelming, he urges that machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) may be more effective. Great forward thinking, but caution, because a silver bullet it is not, at least not yet.

Regardless of the anomaly deluge, ML or AI, shared information must remain secure and intact. Legal departments and law firms are urged to seek solutions to protect sensitive information, because when millions of dollars are at stake, you don’t want a relatively easy and inexpensive fix to be lost in the deluge.

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