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Keeping Control of Data When an Employee Quits

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In “When Key Employees Quit: 5 Things You Must Do to Keep Control of Critical Data,” Michael Ciaramitaro and Sarah Brown, both of Inventus, point out the number one vulnerability for most companies: “Organizations today rely heavily upon technology and electronically stored information – and when employees leave, there’s always a risk that they’ll take some information or data with them when they go, either inadvertently or on purpose.”

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GDPR: American Progress in Privacy Protection with Implications for Attorney Cyber-Info-Security

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Despite some discernible progress in privacy protection since the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enacted one year ago, in America it’s practically non-existent. In a Microsoft blog post, Corporate VP & Deputy General Counsel, Julie Brill recounted the progress that has been made since GDPR’s adoption, concluding with a predictable call for further progress to be made in the year to come, including adoption of uniform federal legislation similar to the EU GDPR.

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