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Dark Overlord Hack Raises Stakes for Law Firms

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In his an article earlier this year for Law Journal Newsletters, “’Dark Overlord’ Hack Shows Mounting Cyber Risks for Law Firms” law firm global strategy and economics writer Dan Packel reports on a law firm’s worst nightmare: potentially becoming the weak link in a global extortion plot related to the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks.

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Manafort Redaction Disaster Revisited: State-of-the-Art Infosecurity Software Would Have Prevented It (and could have fixed and tracked it)

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Jason Tashea’s 1/10/19 article in the ABA Journal online, “How to redact a PDF and protect your clients,” further affirms the dangers of legacy software, underestimating technology risk, and mindset; yet it fails to identify current Infosecurity software solutions.

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The Manafort Redaction Disaster Could Have (And Should Have) Been Prevented with Technology And Education

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Louise Matsakis’ 1/9/19 article in Wired, “Paul Manafort Is Terrible with Technology,” and L.V. Anderson’s 1/8/19 article in Digg, “Lawyers File Response to Mueller Claims, Accidentally Fail to Properly Redact The Secret Stuff,” eloquently converge to illustrate the dangers of legacy software and mindset.

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